The Full Story


Fix-a-thing is a web based startup which works with its partners to fix your textile needs. Our team consists of 4 members: Pragya Singh(fashion designing student), Shreya Srivastava( buyer- apparel), Kriti Yadav(Administrative manager), Richa Arya(Management gradate). It is a project made for IIT-Delhi Digital Marketing Certificate Programme. We offer customized solutions for all your ironing, tailoring, stitching and embroidery needs. We provide quick, hassle free and great quality service. When you hire us, you never have to worry about your wardrobe again, you will always be well dressed to seize the day. We are providing you a professional solution in an unorganized space. We greatly value our launderer and tailor partners and work to provide a regular source of income for them.

Business Meeting


  • Door-step Pickup and delivery facility for people not having time to get their clothes altered.

  • Providing hassle free and quick services to our customers with their problem of even getting  last hour alteration

  • Ensuring that our business partners get regular business and not sit idle anytime across the  year.


  • We want to reduce the time, the stress and the ambiguity  involved infinding the right person for the tailoring, stitching,  embroidery needs of our customers.

  • We want to provide quick service for our customers and that  which is customized to their needs.

  • We hence aim to provide a professional solution in an  unprofessional space.

  • We also want to provide a stable source of income for our partners  most of which are small businesses.

Dry Cleaning Delivery Service